Social Media Video Packages

The Social Package

Showcase your brand like never before. Let us take away the burden of creating consistently fresh and professional content with one of our all-inclusive packages. We’ll create and deliver the social media content you want without any of the hassle!

Clipart renditions of social media icons on an iPhone
Facebook logo with blue video logos


Video content on Facebook is watched by 500 million people everyday and 85% of these videos are watched without sound. That’s why we create stunning visual messages to showcase your brand tailored to the Facebook platform.


With over 1 billion users, Youtube is the platform to share your content with literally a third of all internet users. We create original content for your brand growing its awareness and driving more leads. This helps to establish a genuine connection between your business and its customers.

A man gestures to a giant phone with the YouTube logo on it
Instagram logo on a director's chair with a clapperboard beside it


With video posts on Instagram receiving 38% more engagement than image posts, there has never been a better time to grasp the potential Instagram has to offer. Working with us to produce high-quality content on this platform and tapping into the business-favourite ‘story’ feature could give your campaign the boost it needs.


On Twitter, video is the most shared media-type being 6x more likely to be retweeted than photos. This high engagement is why we work to deliver original social video content for your brand to increase engagement with all Twitter users.

Floating Twitter logos with Twitter on a phone.
Two people shake hands under a large LinkedIn Logo


Perfect for company news, updates and behind the scenes insights, LinkedIn posts with video gained 3x the engagement of text posts. That’s why we provide bespoke content ready for LinkedIn users to digest and share making new connections for you, your business and brand.

Snapchat & More!

Professional vertical video on snapchat? Yes, that’s right! Snapchat offers an amazing format for brands to grow with its users watching over 10 billion videos in total every day. Make sure your brand is a part of this huge new social video platform with our complete video marketing package.

Clipart figures use Snapchat on their phones on a bright blue skyscape.
A Final Cut Pro X edit suite

High Quality Production Standards

Up to 4k resolution, we pride ourselves in the highest quality video and audio standards. Our production staff have vast experience on a range of projects working in a variety of settings providing professionalism where it matters.

Every client is different and we would love to hear your ideas as well as our own.
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