Live Event Services

Multi-Camera Live Broadcast/Recording

3 Full HD broadcast camera setup providing wide and close angles to capture the entire event. Broadcast live video on to big screens*, televisions or projectors for an audience. High quality recordings provided as standard.

A microphone on stage in a large venue


Professional Conference Filming with the highest production standards. Stream your conference online to capture an even bigger audience! Affordable pricing.


Professional Concert Filming with multiple cameras. Stream your concert online to capture an even bigger audience. Contact us today for an affordable quote!

Live Video Streaming

Broadcasting your event online expands your audience to millions of people worldwide. We work with all major streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch and more. PayPerView options are also available at a per ticket cost meaning you will always make a profit even if you only sell 2 tickets.

A group of figures watch streaming video on social media whilst graphs trend upwards

Advertising Integration

Enhance sponsorship options with custom adverts either as full screen transitions, banner ads or animations without disrupting the on-screen content. Give your commercial partners another reason to work with you.

Second Screens

We can provide a second output displaying custom graphics. Examples include: media walls, advertising boards, social media displays (twitter hashtag posts etc.) and more.

A grid of social media posts from facebook and twitter
A Scottish Widows representative speaks to camera on the Pensions Awareness Day Tour

Social Media Packages

We are able to provide video packages of your entire event almost immediately after it has finished to publish online or on social media.

Souvenir DVDs

Sell your customers the perfect momento to take home after your event is over. Orders can be placed during and after the event and in your customers’ hands before they have even left the venue.

Overlapping DVDs

Every client is different and we would love to hear your ideas as well as our own.
Please contact us directly for a personalised quote today.

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That's certainly one way to try and get your message heard:

But for the rest of us, planned social media campaigns are a better way to showcase the products and services we offer. We can work with you to produce compelling social media posts, enriched with photo and video content.

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