Giant Screen Services

Live Scoreboard & Other League Scores

A big and beautiful scoreboard showing who is playing, the current match score, the current match time, any added time and the names of each goal scorer.

At half-time or other intervals, fans can be kept up to date with the live scores of other matches being played in the league. 

Match Statistics

Played at certain intervals during the match, the scoreboard can be transformed into a board of live match stats including shots on target, yellow/red cards and possession percentages.

Pre-match Show

Engage the fans before the match begins. We can play previous match highlights and other content to the fans to keep them up to date with all the latest action. We would also suggest that Group Visual produce a trailer-style video that includes the best moments in club history with energetic/motivational music that really sets the mood in the stadium.

Post-match Show

This is what makes your stream, yours. All of our graphics are fully branded to your team’s colours, fonts and logo. From team sheets to live substitutions, yellow cards and stoppage time, we show all of the graphics you would expect to see on a BBC-televised football match. Remember, this is all branded to your club!

Fan messages

This feature is not only great for fans at the stadium but also for your social media engagement! Using a single hashtag, fans can tweet, post and send their messages and pictures to be shown on the big screen. Whether that’s complimenting the match-day experience, wishing someone a happy birthday or just being happy to be back at a club match, we aim to put the best fan tweets/photos/messages on display to share with the rest of the crowd.

Fan Cams

There’s nothing better or more embarrassing than being shown on the big screen for all to see. We interact directly with your fans on the screen where no one can hide!

Crowd-control Animations

Sometimes the crowd needs a small hint about when to make some noise for the team. We can display big animated text showing these hints such as ‘Make some noise for the boys!’ as they are coming out of the tunnel or ‘Get behind the team for this corner!’ just before they take a crucial corner.


Sponsorship is one of the biggest ways to bring in money for the club and we can help by playing adverts pre-match, during half-time and post-match. We also have a range of sponsor integration options with the above features such as a goal sponsor, highlights sponsor, replay sponsor or fan cam sponsor. All of this integration works seamlessly with the rest of the production so that fans don’t feel bombarded with adverts but do still notice them.


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