Live Sports Broadcast Services

Multiple Camera Angles

Our team runs at least 3 different camera angles each match meaning we capture not only the action from every corner of the pitch but also manager reactions, crowd reactions, substitution preparations and more!

Slow-Motion Instant Replay

Our most popular feature: multiple angle, slow-motion instant replay. Capturing the best moments of a live football match and replaying them from every angle.

Fully Custom Branded Graphics

This is what makes your stream, yours. All of our graphics are fully branded to your team’s colours, fonts and logo. From team sheets to live substitutions, yellow cards and stoppage time, we show all of the graphics you would expect to see on a BBC-televised football match. Remember, this is all branded to your club!

PayPerView Ticketing + Stream Hosting

Perhaps the main reason streaming has become so popular in the last year is down to PayPerView ticketing. COVID-19 was a struggle for football fans to enjoy all of the football they would usually watch in-person and, fortunately, fans are now allowed back into stadiums. However, we’ve learned that there is a lot of profit to be made from away fans who want to watch their team play, but aren’t willing to travel to the away ground. This is where we come in with our fully custom PayPerView ticketing system and stream hosting.

Sponsorship Integration

Another way to bring revenue into your club is through sponsorship. We are proud to offer a number of sponsor options including a:

Of course, we are always open to new ways of integrating with your sponsors so please just ask!

Giant Screens/Private TVs

Giant screens are great for showing your stream to fans watching at the stadium or for complementing their experience with animated graphics/replays etc. We can also broadcast to television screens around the entire stadium.

This is a standalone service but is often paired with our professional streaming packages.

Pre-Recorded Content

To add extra production value, we love to play in pre-recorded content before, during and after the sports event. This could be previous highlights, club interviews, promotional videos or Your Club Trailer (created by Group Visual).


Whether we provide a commentator or you have someone great in mind, we would love to provide them with a small screen to commentate over as well as getting them involved in pre/post match predictions, interviews and analysis.


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