Daniel Ricciardo Series

The Daniel Ricciardo Series initially approached us to take over the live coverage of the 2021 race calendar. Taking place at 6 venues across England and Wales in variable weather conditions, we took on the challenge of providing a complete outside broadcast solution at a competitive cost. We now have an ongoing relationship, providing quality coverage of races each year.

“The Daniel Ricciardo Series is an exclusive one make racing series for 2 stroke DRS Ricciardo racing karts backed by F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.” – DRS

Since our inception, we have been recording and streaming live sports with multiple cameras, instant replay and bespoke graphics.

We cover each race with a minimum of 4 cameras in Full HD, handled by our team of trusted camera operators. We run our cameras with 50% speed instant replay in mind, and we are able to provide that service on all cameras for DRS. In combination with the commentary, instant replay is a key part of any sports broadcast that can really make the show come to life for viewers at home. 

Another indispensable element of sports broadcasting is the live graphics, guiding the viewer through what they’re seeing and also providing context about the wider event. We worked with the series to create a set of graphics in line with their branding, integrating flourishes such as driver photos within each driver’s name caption.

We also work with the series’ third party timing provider, Alpha Timing, to integrate their timing system and graphics within our broadcast.

We can then work with the commentator and on-screen talent to bring all these elements together, into a package that ensures the audience at home is along for the ride.

A secondary benefit of the broadcast and the slow motion replay is that the marshals can quickly review footage to evaluate incidents and penalties.All of this live content is available for use later on. The series uses the streams and clipped parts of it as part of their social media campaign. We also frequently see many of the competitors using the footage for their own social media marketing. Further exposing the series to more organic reach.

Enabled by one of our roving wireless cameras, we also seek to include driver interviews to add some colour to the broadcast.

Of course we’re always looking for more ways to enhance the product, one big addition that we successfully trialled was the addition of a drone into the live broadcast. We hope to use this aerial addition as much as possible in the future as it really does add an eye catching point of view that you can’t get from the ground.


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